Do you believe in magic?

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Someone needs to come to my home and clean out my pantry. Take my secret stash of candy and my endless supply of cookies and run. The sugary stuff is wreaking havoc on my system. Perhaps I should send an invite to Gwyneth Paltrow – I’ll whip up some oats for her and her offspring while she provides pointers on purifying my body and soul. In addition to altering the diet I need to get back on the damn treadmill. Yeah, this fills me with joy and anticipation.

On a happier note there is an uber-cool project in my son’s fifth grade class that I get to help out with. It’s called the Magic Wand Project for Kids. This afternoon my son’s class will be making magic wands (part of a larger lesson plan that culminates in the class along with parents attending a Broadway production of Wicked next month). If you aren’t familiar with the Magic Wand Project here’s an overview:

The Magic Wand Project for Kids is a community adventure where kids can discover their kindness magic can change our world! 100 magic wands left in a city inviting kids to do 3 acts of kindness!  (info on
“Magic doesn’t come from the world, it comes from people, and their kindness, that’s where magic comes from.”
Hope to capture some of this afternoon’s magic with my camera. Check back here soon for photos.

One thought on “Do you believe in magic?

  1. ” Romper, bomper,stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, have all my friends had fun at play ? ” I see Martin Riggs, and L’il Kelly, I see Mr. Paul Kersey …. Oh my , what a wonderful day !

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