Here comes the sun…


Well, the kids just wrapped up their spring break. It came early on the calendar this year, which meant the weather was not as welcoming as we normally see. Didn’t matter – we had a fabulous trip to Washington, DC. Although I used to work in Washington I never invested a great deal of time taking in all of the tourist attractions. This trip was different. Every second was spent on our feet – moving from museum to museum, landmark to landmark, restaurant to restaurant. My kids determined where they wanted to spend the week. They made good choices:


  • The Zoo – spent a little over five hours exploring the exhibits at the National Zoo. Top picks were the orangutan O-line (which lets the orangutans hang out 40 feet in the air above visitors without a net) and the giant panda bears.
  • Smithsonian – Museum of Natural History and The Air and Space Museum. *Please note I did not enjoy the interactive flight simulators (spent the entire time upside down because my younger son decided to be both the pilot and the gunnery expert). I think I might have uttered some harsh mild expletives when he refused to turn the damn thing around.
  • Evening Bus Tour – This was an unexpected pleasure. A guided 3.5 hour tour of all the major monuments/attractions. Since DC can be a wild city to navigate it was relaxing to sit back and let someone else fight traffic.
  • Dupont Circle Hotel – This was our first stay at The Dupont and it was an awesome choice. Nice location. Friendly staff. Heated floors in the bathroom (I had to throw that in because my kids loved this feature in the morning).
  • Maddy’s Bar and Grille, Potbelly, Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe (for breakfast) were some of the casual dining spots that my kids wanted to visit more than once.


Now it’s Monday. My house is dirty. My laptop dusty and lonely. Laundry baskets are overflowing…and I’m going to sit back, close my eyes and enjoy a second cup of coffee.

What’s up in your world today?


4 thoughts on “Here comes the sun…

  1. TERRy, was just on The Dudge Report reading a story about Hillary Clinton written by Maureen Dowd from the NYT. There was a picture of Ms. Dowd w/ her by-line. Do you + Ms. Dowd share the same hair stylist ?

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