It’s Tuesday and I’m tired…

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Last week was crazy fun. Seriously – it was one of those weeks where even routine moments had a special pop. Here at casa de Oberlies we get very excited when relatives come for a visit. This time it was my eldest niece Katie. For seven days she tolerated our family lunacy (overly competitive tennis matches EVERY day, evening trips out for frozen yogurt, excessive mall shopping, late night movies, inexpert archery where anything can happen, etc). For my family it was like a stay-at-home vacation. My boys barely let her leave when it was time for Katie to pack her bags.

View from my hotel room in Cambridge this weekend.

View from my hotel room in Cambridge this weekend.

Over the holiday weekend my fun continued. It’s not often that I get the chance to see my closest friend from college. She lives far, far away in an enchanted land   in Sweden. Fortunately a business trip to Boston for her, coincided with a visit home for me. I smiled the entire time we spent together. She’s fun. She’s smart. She’s kind. Basically she’s the person I want to be in my next life:-) As I get older (it’s tough to notice but I am aging) I definitely appreciate and value good friendships with people that have played a significant part in my life. Yeah, grab the Kleenex I’m feeling mushy this morning. I love those moments. We all have them. Times that you’ll remember not because they involved something earth-shatteringly exciting but because they were simply sublime. Great conversation. Great food. Decent wine (yes I have plebeian tastes when it comes to alcohol). Although waving goodbye at the airport clipped some of my euphoria, I then had a chance to hang out with some of my family in Boston. This gathering involved Dunkin Donuts.  All good, right?

Fabulous restaurant in Cambridge --- where they serve mouth watering scallops.

Fabulous restaurant in Cambridge — where they serve mouth watering scallops.

Oh, and on the home front renovation on my front room began. It looks really good so far. Squee! My neighbors are probably thrilled that they no longer have to look at the eyesore that was once covering half of the front of my house. Keep your fingers crossed that this week the remaining work goes smoothly. Time to unpack my bags and tackle the laundry.

Be good. Be happy.

One thought on “It’s Tuesday and I’m tired…

  1. TERRy, have you seen the GEICO commercial with the camel that talks about Wednesday being ” hump day ” ?

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