The end is in sight…


35472071Every year, without fail, the month of June threatens my sanity. In the past seven days:

  • My youngest son sprained two fingers. No big deal, right? Unless of course said son can’t live five seconds without engaging in competitive sports.
  • My husband’s car (which is just a year old) flatlined on Friday — less than a week after it had received a full tune up at the dealer. Unfortunately they can’t discern the problem so I’m stuck with a ‘loaner’.
  • On the heels of our encounter with a rabid woodchuck I had a more recent face-off with a turkey vulture in my backyard. Even if I tried I couldn’t make up this stuff. Wild!
  • The room renovation I’ve been so excited about…is still a work in progress. I’m impatient and I just want it done. On the plus side the workmanship and the people have been amazing.
  • The Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks series has been a total nail biter. I love hockey but these games are pushing me towards a nervous breakdown.
  • The school year ends on Wednesday and I’m not ready (no teacher’s gift purchased and no solid ideas to remedy that).
  • Two things I won’t even mention (ha ha): exercise & writing

So I’m keeping my chin tucked to my chest and slipping out of the house for a mega dose of coffee. Good coffee. Coffee not brewed in my kitchen.